Turn Search into Find

Looking for content and documents on the world wide web is different from looking for something within a company. Customizing your search instead of using it out-of-the-box will already improve your search experience.

This workshop will start from the As Is situation and your users' search desires:

  • Where is your content located?
  • Do your users search or navigate?
  • How do they search?
  • What do you WANT to find?
  • Is your content findable? If so, how?

Additional information

Deliverable : Change approach 'Search into Find' roadmap and basic ROI to realize some search quick wins

Participants : A perfect mix of maximum 15 end users and process owners

Expectations : This is a hands-on workshop, deliverables depend on the input gathered during the workshop.

Duration of the workshop : 4 hours

Location : Your office

More information on Search possibilities can be found in this introduction blog to Search.

Contact us for more information:

Jelle Van der Linden
Digital Flow Consultant

Jelle Van der Linden

email: jelle.vanderlinden@aca-it.be
tel: +32 (0) 475.43.21.22

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