Maturity Analysis

We can perform a Maturity Analysis on all ECM Solutions. The most common, however, is for intranets.

Intranet Maturity Analysis (IMA)

IMA is a service for companies that want to improve their intranet. Its purpose is to examine how your intranet can be raised to a higher level by enriching its various dimensions.

During an IMA, we will explore the dimensions or functions of your intranet: homepage, search function, access to applications, and so on. In an existing intranet, each dimension has been developed and optimized to some degree. Optimization can be very low (maturity level 1) or very high (maturity level 5). The entire set of your dimensions and their level of maturity at a certain point in time represent the current state of your intranet, indicated by the blue line in the diagram. By improving individual dimensions, your entire intranet will change and reach a new and better position, indicated by the red line.

Our step-by-step approach to intranet optimization consists of:


First, we determine the maturity level of your intranet dimensions, together with an actual user. This step will not take more than a couple of hours. It results into a report that describes the current state of your intranet, illustrated with screenshots.

Personal assessment

If you want, you can indicate the intranet dimensions that you find most important and would like to optimize.


We indicate the dimensions of your intranet that are currently underdeveloped and show you how they can be raised to a higher level. We focus on quick wins too. Sometimes minor adjustments can lead to major improvements.


Our recommendations are presented to you personally and in a written report, without any obligation.

IMA is based on the maturity model proposed by Marc Van de Woestijne.

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