Content mapping workshop

Do you still store your documents on a file share? Are you missing a solid structure in your data? Do you seldom find the documents that you are looking for?

Sounds like a wonderful challenge with lots of improvement possibilities!

This workshop will aid you in gaining insights into your As Is situation:

  • Which types of documents are common in your organization?
  • Which processes do these documents trigger?
  • Are there still paper workflows in your organization?
  • Which paper workflows can be digitized and automated?
  • Are there Quick Wins that can be implemented on your current platform with significant improvements for the end users?
  • ...

Additional information

Deliverable : A data model with process schemes, a roadmap and basic ROI to realize Quick Wins

Participants : A perfect mix of maximum 15 end users and process owners

Expectations : This is a hands-on workshop, deliverables depend on the input gathered during the workshop.

Duration of the workshop : 4 hours

Location : Your office

Contact us for more information:

Jelle Van der Linden
Digital Flow Consultant

Jelle Van der Linden

tel: +32 (0) 475.43.21.22