Communication vs Information

Do you feel like you're communicating a lot, but your employees do not capture the message? Do you want to inform your team, but hesitate because "nobody reads newsletters anymore"? Do you have an intranet, but it's not a very dynamic environment?

During this workshop, we will zoom into your internal communication flows. We will investigate the following aspects:

  • How often do you send out internal communication? Does you information reach the recipient?
  • How much content is captured by the recipient? Does it trigger him/her?
  • Is it a pull or push communication?
  • Is the communication personalized?
  • How does the recipient want to receive information?
  • Draft change approach: from communication to information

Additional information

Deliverable : A change approach roadmap and basic ROI to realize the top 3 ideas

Participants : A perfect mix of maximum 10 honest employees and communication team members

Expectations : This is a hands-on workshop, deliverables depend on the input gathered during the workshop.

Duration of the workshop : 4 hours

Location : Your office

Contact us for more information:

Jelle Van der Linden
Digital Flow Consultant

Jelle Van der Linden

tel: +32 (0) 475.43.21.22

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