Coin is presenting on Liferay Devcon

On wednesday 16th of November, Peter Mesotten and Koen Olaerts will be presenting " Don't back the wrong horse: a DXP view framework comparison "

"Liferay developers have traditionally had the freedom to choose in whatever web framework they’d like to implement their portlet. Some devs play safe and stick as close as possible to the Liferay MVC framework using JSPs and low-level portlet classes. Others just love how frameworks like JSF and Vaadin eliminate the need to write Javascript and provide the developer with ready-to-use component libraries and built-in constructs for doing form validation, conversion, lazy loading, … And then there are the daredevils who attempt to make single page application frameworks like AngularJS play nicely with the portal. With the arrival of Liferay DXP, nothing has really changed. Or has it? Due to the modular architecture of DXP, the choice for some frameworks today might not be as optimal as it was in the past. We assessed the compatibility of 4 big view frameworks (Liferay MVC, JSF, Vaadin, AngularJS) with Liferay DXP - their advantages but also their constraints. This talk gives you the all the input you need to choose the right framework for the job."

Join us at Liferay Devcon or contact us if you can't make it, but are curious about our findings.

by Jelle Van der Linden on 12/9/2016
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